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These are my favorite parties that I did not have a hand in hosting.

As a kid, my birthday party was in our garage. I recall photos of pin the tail on the donkey behind my good friend and neighbor’s head. His head failed him shortly thereafter with a brain tumor and he was gone, and it had nothing to do with pin the tail on the donkey.

Another childhood party took place after we moved up the road from a dairy and we had a great time running through the pastures (my sister and I were dressed in blouses, skirts and Mary Janes) and building hay forts in the barn, boys vs. girls. With muck on our shiny shoes I don’t believe we went there for a while.

This is about adult parties (not that kind), and some of the best have come from out of the blue and we had nothing to do to plan them. Sadly, they were all going-away parties.

Shortly after we married we were off to another state and a friend said “Hey, I’ve a few people coming over tonight, don’t lift a finger, it’s all taken care of.” K brought the party to us with pizza and guests and we all had a great time. At the end she cleaned up and helped me pack up the wedding china my father bought me. What a good friend.

Sent to Scotland for a while we had a favorite restaurant owned by a former Italian cop. Yes. They had great pizza and mussels. We had to get up early for our flight home. The owner gave me Sicilian treats. I gave him my new Frank Sinatra CD of my favorite album of all time, Come Fly With Me.

My husband, who does not drink alcohol, was induced to sing a Texas song at the restaurant. He sang a passage from the classic El Paso. We moved tables and the entire Italian restaurant sang Back In The Heart of Texas. It hurt me to leave. He remembers it as a great party, as do I and  I still miss the bagpipes on the street. Plus their pizza and mussels. My grade school music teachers would be proud that I married one with such a great voice. Ah, his keyboard technique is better, not piano, computer……

We had a quiet gathering up in the mountains a few years ago with friends and co-workers. It was just good to get together with neighbors and everyone to celebrate our lives there. Good food and camaraderie, that’s what life is all about. Several had come to ski and take care of our dog Zoe while we were away so it was like family. We miss that place.

We miss the people from everywhere we’ve lived. Sometimes I wish we could settle down and have a small place in the country. Of course I’d need room for a chest freezer for dog food et al. I’ll ask about that as I know the expert.

Here’s to Tommy, my old friend, Dee

ps Of course there will be a guest room!

What’ll I Do

with just a photograph to tell my troubles to. As sung by Linda Ronstadt, Lush Life.

And It Never Entered My Mind, “order orange juice for one.” Solitaire. I had the album, Lush Life, years ago but need to buy this now. The songs are lush and lovingly put together.

My husband will love the music in his car. I’ll be careful to get it now as he stole my Kristen Chenoweth  cd and I never got to hear it, probably because the dog’s not allowed in his car and her 4″ orthopedic bed is in the back of my SUV. But we don’t spoil her or anything. Road trip? My car, dog in back. A few songs on tap and when hubby’s asleep I’ll just hit on Peter Paul and Mary and sing harmony.

There’s something about the way Ronstadt sings and Nelson Riddle’s orchestration that still moves me. It’s like Tommy Dorsey and The Chairman (Frank Sinatra) were together again but more elegant and subtle. It’s the strings that make it, as a young violinist who quit after a few years at age nine. Sorry, Mrs. Smith.

When I heard Linda or Frank years ago I was alone and eating peanut butter sandwiches over the kitchen sink. Yes, I toasted the bread. Married for over a decade I still love the songs. No, I do not try to get blind dates for my friends, but still love good music and if you choose Linda or Frank you’ll never go wrong. My favorite album of all time is Frank’s Come Fly With Me. It made me want to go places and see things and luckily I’ve been able to do that. Cheers! Dee


Song of the Day

Yes, I wake up with a song in my heart every day, sometimes it does not happen at once, and today’s is Frank Sinatra’s “When You’re Young at Heart.”

I went to a wedding about 15 years ago and the band did songs from the 20’s through the 90’s and I knew the words and tunes to all of them and danced all day.

One person asked how I knew them and I said Dad played these on the piano and we all stood around and sang. He had “fake books” from the 40’s that helped him work through college (first in his family to graduate and actually get a doctorate) and now I have one as a gift last summer. I’ve placed every page in a plastic sleeve and into notebooks. It was a lot of work but he spent a lot of work raising me and it’s not in any way even. I owe more than I can ever say.

How about “You made me love you, I didn’t want to do it….” That’s for my dearest love, my husband. Dee

ps My parents took me to Carnegie Hall to see Frank Sinatra years ago. His voice was not great but my favorite album (I gave my CD to my favorite restaurant owner in Scotland, a few years ago) that has my favorite song on it, Isle of Capri. Who knows why, it’s incredibly sexist. The album/CD is Come Fly With Me.

I have wanted to and been able to travel in my life and look forward to more. My husband spent 36 hours without entering a church or museum in Florence and said he “saw Europe.” Give me a break, dear.

“I love to go a wandering… fol-der-ee, fol-der-a, folderee, folder ah ah ah ah ah … fol-deree,  fal-der-ah a hiking we will go. Age seven. Mrs. P. Thank you! This will be the song of the morning that I sang in 3rd grade. And yes, Donald W did pick his nose and flick it into the fish tank in science class.

Song of the day! Find your own and sing it! This is for you PDX, Dee

Pasta with Chicken and Sausage

Years ago I found a recipe for chicken and sausage in a tomato sauce with pasta, by Frank Sinatra. I remember it had a ton of olive oil in it. Unable to find that recipe now, I’d like to create a healthier version of it. Yes, olive oil is good for you but I think it had about a cup and a half in it and that’s insane, especially when cooking for two.

As a child I was in love with Frank Sinatra. My father was a violinist and we listened to “records” all the time. My favorite was and still is Come Fly With Me, and Isle of Capri as a single. They took me to see him at Carnegie Hall as a birthday gift, before the Chairman of the Board died.

Music was always a part of my life. My parents told me that as a baby, if I was crying and couldn’t sleep they’d play Jackie Gleason’s Music, Martinis and Memories. If that didn’t work they’d drive around the block and I’d be conked out. It’s interesting to see that Amazon and others still have the album/cd.

I was trying to remember someone’s name the other day and associated it with my grade school music teacher who often had us sing The Happy Wanderer. Yes, we’re still in touch and you have her recipe for Concord Grape Pie.

Things took a turn for the worse in high school when I started listening to old Beatles songs, Dave Mason, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Baez and of course, Dylan.

To her dying day (nearly five years ago) my mother said I liked dirges. A beginner folk guitarist, yesterday I worked my way through Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land. Successful, but I don’t think it’s really our land anymore.

I like to get lyrics and work my way through a song. It’s an exercise, as is finding out Frank’s chicken and sausage recipe.

This land is NSA land, this land is TSA land, from California to the New York Island….. Dee