When You Walk Through The Storm

hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark…… you’ll never walk alone.

I met a lovely lady today over pears and plums at the grocery store. She might just be a lovely woman here from the north country with her husband, for the day, or she may be angel here to help me on earth or elsewhere. I think I still have some work to do here. My husband is brilliant and 99.9% able to put down the toilet seat. He is about 2% at putting on a new roll of toilet paper. See? I’ve work to do that includes taxes, bills, contracts, editing class materials, plus our home and dog.

This lady, K, taught me how to judge pears and plums for ripeness and I got a pear and she told me to keep it two days and it would soften. I told her my story of poached pears in ponchos from cooking school. More on that later. I’ll have to make up the recipe as I do not have it from years ago. I do not like to ever give you a recipe I’ve not tried. Especially if I did so years ago and have replicated it or currently given it my own spin.

It was just so wonderful to meet K, as we have similar heritages and tastes. She wore an Hermes scarf. I need to find my Ferragamo’s some day! My husband keeps telling me to get rid of these last boxes and they may include my scarves, our marriage certificate, car titles and essential files. I need to go through each one first, dear, then it’s burn, donate, save or store. Luckily we have storage.

Moving is an art for us. Dad even got me a Florentine office waste basket, it’s leather and folds flat. A good day, Dee


One response to “When You Walk Through The Storm

  1. K, I waited three days and the pear was as good as the one I ate in Florence years ago, my dad picked that one out for me. Thanks!

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