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Remember This?

Of the People, By the People, For the People.

I think our government has forgotten our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The People are not represented any more. It’s a bunch of rich people who spend their money to get elected. Then they don’t represent anyone. It is a very sad state we’re in.

When I have Thomas Jefferson and our friend, Ben Franklin for dinner next week we’ll talk about the state of affairs of our country. Abe Lincoln may have time to stop for dessert.

Tom is bringing some interesting fruits and veggies from France, it’ll be good to see them all and talk about things like government and religion, government and terrorists, and government sneaking around gathering phone data on every American citizen.

I look forward to a day when a teacher or brick layer, real leaders come up the ranks and don’t pay their own money to be elected. I think my friends, Tom, George Washington, Ben and Abe may agree. Cheers! Dee



We don’t actually have freedom in the great US of A. We natives give it up at birth, and heaven forbid the illegal aliens and their freedoms. My mother got a Green Card from Canada over fifty years ago to live here and experience our freedoms.

We earn a license to live here, one to drive and to work and to pay the government a good portion of our wages. Part of that is to Social Security, which we’ll never see because our government chooses to spend our “lock box” money elsewhere.

Our government also says we are subject to God. I don’t mind that, but don’t want my government telling me that. Worship is one thing I can do without government interference, especially as it was contraindicated by our founding fathers. Who is anyone to print on our money “In God We Trust.”

Why did we have no founding mothers? Did these founding fathers spring from the gods as did Zeus?

Back to freedom. We have no freedom to take care of our health or well-being. Our lives may be insured by employers but not to make things right for a spouse when one is hit by a bus.

Perhaps employer-based health and other plans are bound for obscurity but until there are alternatives, I’m ok with that. Right now it’s a scary world out there and the next person who says “I can’t talk to you, you’re ONLY the wife,” I’d like to at least throw a glass of water in their face.

If we don’t have choices, we don’t have freedom. Can I leave the country and become a citizen elsewhere? Probably. Do I want to? No. I want our country to be all that it can be for all of us. Make it work.

A few weeks ago we hired a lot of politicians to speak for us. Let’s make sure they do. Then freedom is a word we may be able to use again. Dee