She Sleeps

I mustn’t be away for more than a few moments. I love the fact that my husband and dog can go to sleep in less than two moments and go through the night and I cannot do so. If I leave dog Zoe for more than five minutes she’ll come to check on me and I don’t want to have to lift her up to the bed again.

Perhaps I’ve the herding job now, making sure they’re safe from the wolves and coyotes and wild pigs. Yes, in a high-story building with no open windows and no way to get up here. But they’re there on the ranch. All of them. Zoe is on a close leash all the time there. After years we’ve never had a problem, even with bulls or baby goats.

Husband will be home late tomorrow for a partial weekend with us but it’ll be business most of the time. No time to make Texas chili. I know what he wants, my spaghetti and meatballs but he ate that last weekend. I would love to make him something he loved from my childhood that I haven’t cooked for him for years. Perhaps that is for tomorrow. Tonight I’ve skirt steak with loaded baked potatoes and green beans. He’ll be in in a little over an hour. I have to work on his time, not mine. He’ll be fine. I’m hungry and will save the next for tomorrow.

I made up the recipe from my mom and will let you know if it works. She used to use canned orange juice. I start with the chicken floured with spices, a whole chicken or whatever you want to use, saute and remove. Add onion and garlic, you can make it spicy. Start off some rice. After the rice is nearly done add chicken and orange juice to the pan halfway in, or just place it it in the oven and marry the flavors the last ten minutes.

We never did orange zest because mom used frozen OJ but with all of these products, my butchers, my produce and deli folks give me ideas and I bring a taste test to them. Yes, I bring food into the grocery store to share with our purveyors.

Zoe’s not by my desk yet, yes she’s back sleeping soundly as I wish I could. Now she’s here, two feet away I must go. Cheers! Dee



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