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Yes, that is what I am and have been for years. I would like to give a gift to my nephew. It’ll take a while to put together. Ten recipes with instructions and completed with whatever is needed to finish the dish.

I know that he’s going to be OK but as he needs to eat while getting an education I may have to go to our local university to check out dorm rooms. Plus, he has to wow the girl of his dreams, whoever she may be.

Years ago my father, as a gift, brought a psychic to dinner to read my fortune. She said I was a teacher. I am, a leader, visionary and teacher since I was a child.

Going to cooking school has enlightened me and I worry about college students eating food that is not good for them or their education. Hopefully college moms (hear me PDXKnitterati) will help on this quest. Few ingredients, pots or pans, healthy and fast. No, not just ramen noodles….. Cheers! Dee





That’s what I’m put in at now every day on your new system, nearing 100,000 posts. Think about it before you declare me “uncategorized” before I get to make a choice as a top contributor. I deserve to choose.

Google Chrome is leaving us

Me and dear dog Zoe

Her best friends have left again

Please don’t say it’s so

Something must go well, this world

A new computer may help pave the way

COBRA may give this girl

A license to live another day.

And Uncategorized WordPress may do so as well. Cheers from Dee and Zoe


New Cooks

I don’t care if you’re 11 and want to become a chef, or if you’re about to be a new bride who can’t boil water for tea.

Sit at a dinner table with your parents. Listen to their day, politics and how to ease the tension as it goes to dinner and kids. The family dinner was a given in my immediate family. Now, yesterday, my 12 year-old dog stole food from my plate while I was eating. That’s a big NO!

When my family went on vacation somewhere we usually met other family who brought food for “room picnics.” Dad hated this but I thought it an unusual endeavor that I’d be able to do as a grown-up.

Then we started talking about food at every meal. That really irked Dad. What are we going to eat next?

I went to two cooking schools, one in NYC and one in Italy. Dad always made us pancakes after Mass. He now cooks Italian food. My brother and I taught him how to learn to cook. It is probably the best gift I’ve given both.

It is a pleasure to put Dad on record for learning to paint and cook after age 80. I love him dearly. Dee

Wheat Grass

Years ago I tried an experiment to see what I could not eat. I went vegan for a few months and learned that I was allergic to tomato and pepper skins.

During that time I decided my cats should be healthier as well. I bought one wheatgrass plant in a 4″ container and they chewed on it all the time. I couldn’t eat or drink the stuff.

As the cats liked it I started growing it from seed every ten days. Then I placed a container outside my door. Days later all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood were coming to see me.

Pet owners asked me to stop, because their dogs were going potty all over the place because it is purging. Refuge of dogs with cheap food and bad diets. My past/passed dog never took to the raw stuff but the cats chewed on it from time to time and had no issues.

I’ve read that our DNA is very close to wheat. And bovines. Humans eat cereal and milk for breakfast. Was that just a Kellogg marketing ploy back in the day?

The downside is that I do not believe wheat has “feelings” dairy cows do when they can’t produce anymore as that’s called hamburger.

Years later I must cook meat and potatoes and vegetables for my husband, it could even be chicken but he’s allergic to fish. When he’s on a business trip I’ll start making fish, move to frozen pizza and then to yogurt and fruit.Then I await his return so I can start cooking again! Cheers, Dee

Pizza Night

We’re having a girlfriend and her young family over for dinner and I thought it might be cool for the kids to roll out their own pizza dough and top it. Also have them make a new batch and take it home.

I think they’re into dinosaurs so will prep all the toppings including cavolo nero or Dinosaur kale, cheeses, other veg and some pepperoni and prosciutto. Of course parmigiano reggiano on top.

It may be time to go to the Italian food store for 00 flour and a few other things. I believe one child is crazy for olives so I’ll make some for here and some to take home. I simply take the olives (I prefer Kalamata) with little brine, drain and add garlic, crushed red pepper and whatever fresh herbs I have on hand and cover it with olive oil. Marinate at room temp for a couple of days and eat the olives and save the oil for cooking.

We love having kids over! All of us including Zoe the dog. It’ll help that my husband makes balloons. We’ll all have a good time and get them home to bed on time as well. Dee

100 To Go

I’ve set my goal at 2,000 posts. It was initially 1,000 but I may have gotten confused as you actually liked me.

There are 100 to go so I want reader requests, come on, I love you guys and gals and now you get to take the reins on this old horse.

I hate to leave you as my husband has actually picked up a spoon or tongs and helped me out in the kitchen. That’s not a good thing. I’d rather he get water or Dr. Pepper and move out of my way.

Yes, above all I enjoy cooking for my family and guests. There are a few guests that are always welcome at my table, you know who you are.

100 to go. Let her rip! Dee

Blackbird, Bye Bye

Pack up all your cares and woes,

Here I go, singing low, bye bye blackbird

…… blackbird, bye bye.

Last post, they’re selling my posts. I never wanted or got a nickel from them, I will be removing them from WordPress.

I don’t know how to do this as I’m a writer and not a techie, that’s probably why they allow people to steal my words and sell them.

To my readers, I salute you and will be back on other than WordPress. Thank you for being with me and inspiring me these few years. The grandmother who died before I was a year old sang that song to me, to get me to go to sleep. It’s that time. Dee


Essential Pantry

I notice that a lot of cooks are doing this now, telling viewers or readers one thing at a time about how to build a pantry.

Confession: I was so scared to start writing this blog I worked for weeks getting together my essential cookbook collection and then the pantry collection. I believe cookbooks spanned four episodes and the pantry, five, but no-one reads them. No-one refers to them and I wish you would.

Please let me know how I can make these integral pages a meaningful part of your life. Yes, I have to redo my home page and will do so to make it easier for you to access this information. Signing off for now, Dee

Pizza Night

But easy.  I usually make my own dough but just got back from my guitar lesson so am letting some whole grain dough from Whole Foods (punched it down, formed it and will let it warm up for an hour so I can roll it out) sit a bit, with flour, on the counter, covered by a large bowl.

Jim gets mozzarella and pepperoni, perhaps mushrooms if I’ve got time to saute them.  I get spinach with garlic, topped with feta.

Thanks Foodies for stopping by.  Please let me know what kinds of things you’d like to see in the future.  In the meantime I put a lot of work in my cookbook selections and pantry items so you may want to check them out – it doesn’t cost anything!  Cheers, Dee

The Corporate Apartment

Stars. That’s something most people don’t see from a corporate apartment. We didn’t until tonight, when it finally stopped snowing. It’s April. Snow.

My needs are different in a corporate place, because I actually cook. For the past three years we’ve made use of corporate places through Jim’s work and every one is different.

Since we’ve been looking in Utah for a six-month contract (if we stay longer we’ll send our stuff out from storage in TX and get our own place) we’ve seen a lot of interesting concepts.

One could be funky downtown, and luckily the owner and I are going to try to convert it to corporate given my expertise living in the UK and Utah in vastly different circumstances.

When in Utah three years ago for a major bank, we had to manufacture our own corporate housing, then the bank wouldn’t pay the rent. I had no laptop and no cell phone so had a phone card because everything outside 1/4 mile is long distance. I had to go to the office to use the computer and pay our bills because our mail was never forwarded from home. That was tough, going to the office when a major bank won’t pay the rent on time.

Our next gigs were in Scotland and London. We loved living downtown in both places and I found food to cook or takeout. I got used to the appliances after Jim, the physicist, told me I could be killed with the voltage there. One turns on the circuit for an electric kettle for tea then turns it off when tea is done, about 75 seconds. The washer/dryer is another animal altogether and shook the entire building but Christine was great as is SACO worldwide. We stayed a week at another of their places in Southwark, London.

Here we are in Utah. As we moved and drove cross-country in two cars with the dog (left 99% of our worldly belongings in storage) we decided to stay funky downtown or vacation paradise. We chose the latter.

Most corporate by-the-book places have rental furniture or really cheap, uncomfortable sofas and beds. Most still offer only a VCR! There’s a dishwasher but as you only have four plates, spoons, knives, forks and completely useless knife set (laser, no need to sharpen), I’ve had to make certain modifications.

Note to corporate apartments: NO glass cutting boards. They ruin food and knives. In Orem,when we were up at Park City at the outlet stores I splurged on a spatula and something else I needed, I forget what, for under $5. In Scotland we spent a fortune on winter weather gear (may need to do it again in Utah, at least footwear) and I bought a decent 6″ all-purpose knife and a cutting board, plus tea towels because Jim uses them as napkins/serviettes.

Now we’re in Park City and in a wonderful place. There are many dishes (very large and tough to fit safely in the dishwasher so I run a load a day for two of us). Silverware is sufficient. I have to watch that the sensitive gas burners don’t burn the food. It take a lot of time to boil a kettle for tea (thank goodness they have a kettle!) but that’s a factor of altitude. I’ve heard that at 8,000 feet above sea level water boils at 140 degrees. Don’t know yet if that’s true but actually in my knife case – yes I brought all my knives, including the Scotland one – I have an instant-read thermometer. That’s something to check out.

Maybe it’s because it’s a ski community but we have a condo with an upscale mall and movie theatre 1/4 mile away and a nature preserve 10 feet away and the geese are starting to come in, honking, at 6:31 a.m. There is attention to detail here. The colors go with the scenery, reds, greens and browns. Fireplace, views of a 2002 Olympic site, The Canyons, Park City and Deer Valley plus birds galore.

Upon entry through a knotted Alder door, about 10′ high, there is a stone entryway. Full bath/shower, coat/utility closet, and gorgeous kitchen with knotted alder cabinets and high end appliances and dishes so large they barely fit in the dishwasher.

I’ve already had to buy Jim a solid pan to make two over-medium eggs each morning because the one that is here is very lighweight and scarred by knives. I only use my own utensils, silicone spatulas that do not react to low heat and do not scratch pans.

We have two bedrooms plus daybed, and three full baths. Stackable full-size washer/dryer. We had intended to take out and store the daybed and use that space for an office but instead we’ve taken over the dining table with my MacBook, 24″ monitor and wireless keyboard plus moving and other info. Had the modem installed the other day and another day is about to start. I see Deer Valley now from my “desk” (much better than a dark corridor as I can see the wildlife).

I’d like to combine the ski resort condo with European concepts and make a turnkey solution for business and leisure travelers, short-and long-term.

Not a small goal, but it’s something I know and it may have something to do with kitchens. Thanks Devin for pointing me this way.

Cheers, good morning, the birds are coming in and skies are blue. Thanks for reading and participating. Cheers, Dee