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Love Haiku

Everything is clean

I miss my messy husband

Bring him back to me

Haiku for Dad

The kitten found me

Our deaths were not an option

We kept each other warm



Parents sent me to camp for a week. I hated it. Five mile hikes in the rain and 40 degree weather at night, my lame sleeping bag let me not sleep because of the cold then I had to drink prune juice every morning and use the loo with other girls into a chemical toilet.

My younger sister thrived on this stuff a week earlier. Now I spent my ten cents a day on two Peppermint Patties, wrote a postcard home and awaited my release.

That kitten saved both of us, and that has been a theme for many years and tears. He crawled under my crummy sleeping bag near my feet, I finally slept without freezing and we kept each other warm all night. I freaked out to find out there was a critter, and we checked it out. He was removed and probably killed.

For years I’ve worked for as a volunteer for feral cats and for shelter dogs and cats. He inspired me. The earliest memories are the purest of heart.

I think we should name him. I was just eight years old and thought the camp people were being nice. They were getting rid of vermin. He saved my life from frostbite. To this day I regret his demise.

Nathan and Mickey, I know you’re taking care of him up in the big blue sky. He inspired your unique personalities. At age eight, I did get a sense of what to do but forces were overwhelming and I didn’t have Dad to help. There were no cell phones, even land lines, there.

Paladin, “Pala to me” means character, nobility and courage. He saved my life. Cheers, Dee




How to know when it’s time to get up on a Saturday morning:

Sun is shining in

Dog is intently staring

Daddy is snoring



What did you say dear

When you need a treat. Love, Mom

I am always here.


I love my old friend Kurt, we met years ago and he gave us steaks and potatoes for grilling/baking for our wedding gift. He is a sweetheart and so is our dog,  Our girl Zoe is always in our hearts, and even my MIL is missing her this year as she will not be around to capture our few crumbs we leave behind in our cooking sessions. Happy Thanksgiving. Dee

With love to all this Thanksgiving I remain yours, faithfully, Dee

Blackbird, Bye Bye

Pack up all your cares and woes,

Here I go, singing low, bye bye blackbird

…… blackbird, bye bye.

Last post, they’re selling my posts. I never wanted or got a nickel from them, I will be removing them from WordPress.

I don’t know how to do this as I’m a writer and not a techie, that’s probably why they allow people to steal my words and sell them.

To my readers, I salute you and will be back on other than WordPress. Thank you for being with me and inspiring me these few years. The grandmother who died before I was a year old sang that song to me, to get me to go to sleep. It’s that time. Dee



Chicago later
Indianapolis first
Christmas time again

A Ted Allen Fan

Yes, I love the guy. He’s formerly from Queer Eye, is a cook, and writes haiku. And he hosts Chopped!, not my favorite cooking show because of the baskets so I quickly (as hubby is about to pick me up for dinner) I wrote this about their ingredient baskets.

Parmesan and eel
Baccala, fig jam and eggs
I’m already Chopped

But I’m ready to slather it with mustard and place it on date-nut bread with some sliced pineapple and liverwurst. Don’t cook this! Dee


Information lost

May be Big Brother but first

Let’s check the Kindle


Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes, iron-rich
Feathers glinting in the sun
Nesting time again

Greater Sandhill Crane

Greater Sandhill Crane

Fisherman’s Sweater

Such comfort I do find
A cardigan of Arran
Wool Mom would have used

dac 4/09