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Yes, that is what I am and have been for years. I would like to give a gift to my nephew. It’ll take a while to put together. Ten recipes with instructions and completed with whatever is needed to finish the dish.

I know that he’s going to be OK but as he needs to eat while getting an education I may have to go to our local university to check out dorm rooms. Plus, he has to wow the girl of his dreams, whoever she may be.

Years ago my father, as a gift, brought a psychic to dinner to read my fortune. She said I was a teacher. I am, a leader, visionary and teacher since I was a child.

Going to cooking school has enlightened me and I worry about college students eating food that is not good for them or their education. Hopefully college moms (hear me PDXKnitterati) will help on this quest. Few ingredients, pots or pans, healthy and fast. No, not just ramen noodles….. Cheers! Dee




I Have a Friend

This can never be uncategorized, as you deem every post. We started our WordPress blogs the same week and were deemed worthy of reading. I’m sure she has tons more readers than I as she is so talented in many areas.

I visited her, she visited me and after all these years, we’ve never met. If I had a “bucket list” it would include meeting PDX. She gave me means to recruit a great singer/songwriter for our listening and enjoyment at Nanny’s 82nd birthday. Surprise!

PDX gave me a hand-made Pippi Longstocking hat I wear all the time. I gave her signed CD’s from her vocal heroine, our singer/songwriter and guest for several visits who wrote and sang Fellina’s version of the legendary Marty Robbins’ El Paso.

My husband actually sang El Paso our final night in Scotland. No, he does not drink, then all the restaurant patrons stood up and sang “Deep in The Heart of Texas” with us. My husband sings a great baritone. I do harmony in music and life.

We love the people who make a difference in our lives. Tomorrow I’ll try to make braids to go with Pippi as I take our old dog out for a walk. Dee

An Eocene Welcome

Finally the Greater Sandhill cranes, prehistoric birds, sounded out a tribute at 6:27 this morning. I’d like to think it a welcome to our vocal, guitar playing, songwriting Western gal visitor, Ms. Juni Fisher. Also hail to her on the journeys to come. When Zoe and I hit the trail this morning about 6:40 we heard warning noises which means we were only a few feet from the cranes. The grasses are so tall that we can’t see them. Another sign. Jim’s folks will be here for a week, in two days and I hope the cranes come out and can be seen and heard.

I’d like to thank Juni for re-kindling my interest in playing music. It’s been a long time since I’ve held a violin or touched the keys on a piano. She asked why I didn’t call before I bought a guitar. It was an impulse purchase of a learning guitar and I had no idea there were different sizes, woods, tones et al! I just went with what I had for the first couple of months and did research on a better guitar that fit me. I believe I’ve found it and she agrees. But she’s right. I should have called as there were any number of mistakes that could have been made. As it is she just said the neck should be adjusted a bit.

Last year pdxknitterati, a fellow blogger from the west coast, when told that Jim sang El Paso in a restaurant in Scotland at our going-away dinner, told me of Red Velvet Slippers, written and sung by Juni Fisher, a cowgirl poet. I downloaded the song and immediately my husband and I started making preparations for a surprise for his grandmother’s birthday. Juni came and sang and wowed everyone. We’re sorry pdx wasn’t there to join us but I sent her an inscribed CD.

Visitor season has begun! Jim’s folks arrive in two days and I have to run everything through “Neat Receipts” and box them and clear my desk so we can have a dining table. I’m not a shopper but yesterday we all went to the market and it was fun! We didn’t HAVE to get anything so it was fun to browse and everyone ended up with a special treat and lunch was very good at Bandit’s. Jim’s showing signs of a cold so I need to go check on him and feed Zoe. Cheers, Dee