I’ve been quiet for too long. This election charade must end. I’ve been hearing that our democratic systems have failed us. To date, they have not. They’ve been taken for a dangerous, wild turn for the worse and show evident bruises and scars but they remain.

What has changed is us. We chose some of the wrong people to represent us. Sometimes we don’t think about what our representatives really do, perhaps because they don’t know their job or what they have signed on for. They have all signed on to represent our interests and that of the Constitution of the United States of America. Many have forgotten that and seek only power for its’ own sake. That doesn’t help voters.

We can change this. To do so we need to know who we are electing, and why. But first I’ll tell you what I would do immediately to bring this sedition to a full stop. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi need to go to the White House Monday at nine sharp and tell President Trump that they will add Saturday’s phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State to last year’s impeachment clauses and convict him THIS WEEK if he does not call off his paramilitary troops, and state on TV including Fox, Newsmax and OANN that Joe Biden is the next POTUS.

Then, on January 20 Mr. Trump will sail off to wherever they don’t have television or internet (or extradition) and be quiet while the new leadership fixes certain things ASAP, including getting vaccines in every arm starting with health care workers and other essential workers including teachers so people can go back to work and school safely. That will begin to bring back our health and our economy.

Next, a blue-ribbon commission must be instituted to look over all the things that need to be fixed to get government on the right track again. Not in any particular order: making sure that Congress’ subpoena power is strong and unassailable; that IG’s have the power to do their jobs; that there be an Ethics czar with the power to enforce current laws and new ones; that the DOJ is independent of the White House and the AG is not the president’s personal bag man; that nepotism is frowned upon; that there are ethical rules for issuing pardons. It would be nice if the administration could be stopped from slowing down the post office to keep absentee ballots from being counted. Little things like that. Like all people being counted in the census.

Funding should be given to states to upgrade their voting capabilities, and an effort should be made to have 100% of ballots also to be in paper form for auditing purposes. The Voting Rights Act must be amended and updated to include prohibitions on all voter suppression tactics. If we can’t get rid of the Electoral College we must go around it and make sure every vote counts.

I believe that 2021 begins the decade of the US Voter. A just minority cannot succeed forever by suppressing the votes of Americans who don’t like their policies. We made our decisions two months ago on who we wanted to represent us. Congress and state legislatures and governors should remember that they are elected by us. We live in the USA, not some banana republic. If WE wanted to live in a dictatorship, we would have told you. We don’t, and if you don’t believe us, we’ll vote you out and get someone who believes in our democracy. It’s worked for over 250 years. You can’t let one crybaby in the White House throw our shared history out the window because he’s miffed that he lost an election that was run fair and square. I never made cheerleader but became captain of the gymnastics team, better for all involved. And I didn’t pout at all.

I welcome 2021, the year we renew our democracy and voters take control. Welcome, President Biden, Vice President Harris. You’ve a whole lot of work to do and I, for one, will roll up my sleeve to help, and to get that dang vaccine! Where is it?

Today I signed on to recall our US Senator for participating in this election charade, and I feel like I accomplished something in doing so. To conclude, please when a new job comes along, let it not be in a swing state. Eight years of this is enough of being so “special.” Thanks.


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