A New Life

It is a new outlook as well as a new look. There are new items on my agenda that may justify a second chance on this planet. Not that I came from another planet, but there are those who might think as much!

I know I can contribute something worthwhile, whether small or large in scope. My interests are varied, mainly close to home in terms of familiarity and importance.

The look is a combination of short (really short) hair, a color palette from years of shopping at a great store that went out of business recently, worldwide so I stocked up and a friend helped me organize my closet and put together a few outfits I’d have never thought to put together.

No matter how old one gets, there is always time to learn and grow, and to impart knowledge, even some wisdom, to others. Right now I’m trying to get back on track, reorganizing, re-purposing my life and learning what’s out there and how I can help our world be a better place for all.

Next week I am going to try yoga for the first time and will get back to blogging for you.  I’ve many ideas, even some recipes and perhaps even a college student cookbook with our nephew as an inspiration. I’ve three years for that one, I still am interested in finishing our “nest” and cooking for friends and family, plus if it’s OK with ZOE, getting another dog. No-one will ever replace my girl, I think she knows that.

I may learn to bake a bit, having spent a few weeks with an expert. Perhaps a couple of standouts for dinner parties. And muffins for breakfast, of course.

Pet peeve of the day: adult-proof packaging! I bought an alarm clock with a light for my bedside table so I would not have to get up and look at the clock in the kitchen, because when I’m up, I’m up. It was under $3 at the local hardware store. It took over an hour to get it out of the overkill of packaging, a screwdriver, two consultations, a magnifying glass and finding AAA batteries before I could set and place said clock. If I don’t think of the preparation time, I may just be able to roll over, touch its light button, see the time and go back to sleep nearly undisturbed. I won’t even get up to put down the window shades before morning, hopefully.

Hope all is well and that you’re enjoying the summer. Cheers! Dee


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