Have you no shame,

Mr. President? Of course you don’t, it was a rhetorical question.

Saturday you openly threatened Georgia’s Secretary of State if he would not steal votes to give you a second term. Today, you riled up your base, told them you would never concede your loss of the presidency, and urged them to march to the U.S. Capitol and tell Congress what they think. Well, they did, to disastrous results.

You placed thousands of lives in danger, including your own Vice President and leaders and members of the House and Senate. Your thugs stormed the House and Senate chambers and one person is now fighting for her life after being shot at the Capitol.

You must stop this nonsense right now. You just said a few words to encourage peace but still said that the election was fraudulent. You lost, Mr. President. fair and square. In two weeks we’ll have a new administration and you’ll be gone, along with all your hired sycophants. There will, unfortunately, still be seditionists holding office down the street from the White House, the ones who’ll be voted out of office in 2022 for forgetting that their allegiance is to the Constitution and constituency, not you.

Stop this Electoral College charade and ackowledge that you lost the election fair and square. Isn’t it enough that your supporters have granted you a $250 million severance package? You and you alone lost your election. Live with it. You and your seditionist senators and congressmen and women are responsible for today’s insurrection at the Capitol.

Enough is enough. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over. Oh, and please take the kids with you and surrender their keys to the White House. Hopefully none of them will ever see the inside of that building again. And stop trying to steal my vote. For now, I’m living in a swing state and am sick and tired of hearing that you or our legislature want to take my vote away. Stop it. Now. Thank you.


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