What’s In A Name?

Over ten years. Yes, I’ve been blogging here at Cooking With Dee, Napping Dog Press for over ten years.  I was away for a while and someone took my name and has started their own (lame) blog using it. Luckily they did not take my years of hard work with them. The original Cooking With Dee is now cookingwithdee.com, and NOT .net.

I hope, dear reader, that you’ll come back and share your thoughts about cooking and politics and other matters. I have worked hard over the years recommending the best cookbooks and essential culinary tools, plus my own recipes (no “chilli” involved as with my replacement.

In other names, there is a recent and temporary entity for you to meet. Permit my introduction to both a help and a hindrance in my life for the past few weeks. There is also a loss to mention that breaks my heart.

I adopted Squid about three months ago. I feed it, water it, keep it clean and when I say “stay” it better do so. We depend on one another but ‘tis time to part. Squid (aka Squirt, Squigly Down Under), I thank you for the memories. Some I do not recall at all, I’ll leave that part up to you.

I didn’t want Squid at first so tore it from me in an unsightly manner, I was called an idiot for doing so. I am not offended, not any more as Squid, while needy, has helped me out as well and we’ve bonded for a short time.

We’re ready for bed now so will catch up in the morning. Come on, Squid, Another day. My husband has a cold, so is moaning in bed. The sky took its’ time to turn clear  blue, from rain and fog, the minute the Air Show was cancelled.

I needed Squid to feed me and transmit medicine. No longer needed I am just maintaining Squid until he is removed next week. Squid is a G-tube implanted in me over two months ago.

Out walking our dog, I took a tumble down some stairs just .a block away, hit my head, underwent brain surgery and was in a coma for three weeks before several more weeks of rehabilitation.  I am now home and beginning out-patient re-hab in between doctors’ appointments. I am thinking, writing well and still (since birth) having issues with remedial math. I took to walking first and graduated from my wheelchair to walking, quickly. After weeks of bedrest I wish to increase my stamina and endurance and maintain an exercise regimen for both brain and body.

While in the hospital, the dog developed  cancer swiftly and relentlessly and was sent to “doggie heaven” without my being told as my family thought it too much to bear. I’ve had Zoe since she was five weeks old and she died at age fifteen years after a good life. I didn’t need my family to tell me Zoe was gone. She told me herself.

Zoe is missed. Squid’s loss will be a positive step for the future. Needless to say I’ve done little cooking over the past few weeks, but eating nothing buy hospital food gives me a new meaning in life. I’ve cooked for the re-hab instructors at the hospital and this week I move on to lunch for everyone at out-patient care. Oh, and I tweaked the hospital menu and changed a few rules, and bent a few along the way.

For now I look forward to getting of “prison” and back to life as soon as possible. So, Reader, that is what I did this summer, how about you? Cheers, Dee

ps Cheers to therapy dogs and their owners! D


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  1. How wonderful to see a new post from you, honeybun!!!

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