Two weeks in a row? We’re mostly locked in by double windows here from the wind and gnats from the swamp on the old train tracks, now a trail for walkers, runners and bikers. We haven’t opened our windows for years but buildings move because of the wind and I have to straighten the pictures (54 for now, 55 tomorrow) from time to time.

My husband’s situation last week was a bad cold, this week it was strong winds on an airplane on fumes so they had to land elsewhere, refuel, and wait for the winds to die down before going to Denver. Of course he missed his connection so is staying there tonight. We were texting earlier and I joked that with repeated weekends in Denver he might have a girlfriend!

Weather was bad here today, rainy and cold. I was supposed to have lunch a block away with an old (way younger than me) neighbor and her young son. It was not the day for it so we were sidelined as well.

It’s funny that one doesn’t see a friend for a year, then runs into them four times in two days. I keep four fresh (more interesting wood) flower arrangements up every week and have even taken classes on how to arrange flowers. One tiny one is for our immediate family, including the dog, another for my deceased father, and another for my husband’s uncle who died a couple of weeks ago

I design them all now and like to think that the central flower in our Uncle’s vase is him, and that all the petals from companion flowers, and leaves are from his family. and  friends. The largest vessel is for us, for fun. I still have pussy willows from weeks ago, and have added new greens, lots of white and yellow and purple flowers (small mums) and one branch of Bells of Ireland, always a favorite.

Sadly, my husband is miles away and will only be with us for a day. Then he goes away for two weeks. Sidelined, both of us and I have to deal with the dog. Cheers, Dee


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