Beware the Russians!

No this is not a political piece about Vladimir Putin.

Olympic training was going on across the way, in the mountains of course. A team of Russian bobsledders moved in a couple places up our small street. They had a one-car garage and kept the bobsled in there and liked to have the garage door open while they maintained it and made modifications.

I walked our dog four times per day, at night with my husband, and every time they saw a person, even one walking a dog four times a day, every day, they immediately shut the garage door as if we were spies from another Olympic team. Believe me, aside from watching on TV a couple of times we know nothing about bobsled, luge or skeleton.

The scariest thing was that we had a 5 mph speed limit on our small and curvy street. The Russians would drive 50 mph while on a cell phone. Walking at all (there were no sidewalks) especially with an old dog, was frightening as they careened down the street.

My husband got LED lights for all our jackets, and a flashing collar and leash for the dog. They’re all dead now, the batteries, not the Russians. I don’t know how they did in the Olympics that year. Yes, the Russians, the batteries were still OK.

I still have these LED buttons on my jackets years later and people ask what they’re for. I say “to protect me from the Russians!” Then they ask me the story. It is as if I was wearing an aluminum foil hat to deter aliens!

Now we have electric winter jackets from a tool manufacturer. You press two buttons outside for the amount of warmth you wish. Everyone asks why I have red lights on my jacket. They’re all the rage for construction workers who are out in the elements in cold winters. My husband found one for his Dad, who owns a cattle ranch, and he didn’t like it so gave it back.

My husband kept it and found me a men’s jacket that didn’t fit quite right and was too heavy for me. He sent it back and got me what he calls “the girlfriend version” that works quite well. Get extra batteries and plug them in regularly and you’re good for the winter with a warm hat, gloves and boots. A scarf would be good as an extra measure. Even silk long undies, when I’m not wearing those under pants in the cold, I use them for sleepwear.

Sources (I do not get paid for this blog in any way and haven’t ever for over 10 years, and am not trying to monetize this site)

Electric jacket: Milwaukee Tool (online and sometimes at a Home Depot)

Silks: WinterSilks (online)

My hats are mostly from Fur Hat World (online) and because of the cold I’ve a lighter one of rabbit, and a stalwart one of lamb. PETA, leave me alone. I need Cossack hats because it’s cold here and I need my ears covered because they’re a health issue. If it makes you feel better I wear Crocs. I heard a comedian say recently that Crocs are for people who have given up on life! I haven’t but a lifetime of arthritis won’t let me wear heels.

I’ve no idea where my husband got the LED buttons for our jacket zipper closures or Zoe’s flashy collar and leash. And I think that anyone who plummets down mountains on curves that would frighten anyone has a need to go fast. They weren’t trying to run us over, just being themselves. This team just happened to be Russian. Cheers, Dee



One response to “Beware the Russians!

  1. On our tenth wedding anniversary (tin) I made him dinner but five minutes before he arrived I made him a tin foil alien repellent hat. Too late, I think they got him at birth. Ha! Love you, dear.

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