I have two under my knees. I framed a photo and one said that I favored my father. I said that I did in more ways than looks.

The week before he died he was so thin. I lifted my leg and said to him “I inherited these calves from you, I want you to grow them back.”

Now my husband’s folks are moving for a reservoir for a big city and they recently moved their cattle to a larger ranch. His Daddy used to give me a ride on the four-wheeler and show me every baby calf. One was dead, one time and his mama was protecting his body. I was taken home before he dealt with that.

I guess cows don’t like twins because they shun one and it is left alone without milk/food. I got to feed a twin baby calf and he started yelling at me as I crossed the road to his pen with a pail full of formula. Perhaps a truck was driving by and I could not cross the road. He scarfed the milk formula down in no time and was a kind little guy.

Aunts are kind and fun. As with humans there are sometimes Aunts who take care of the unwanted, in the herd. Think of a Kindergarten teacher with kids. She watches over them and she’s the Nanny. They look to her and know they’re safe.

I still have my father’s body and facial structure and calves and love baby calves. My in-laws are moving to another ranch and I look forward to taking the four-wheeler and seeing baby calves, which are much more special than mine. Cheers to family farming, Dee



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