It Takes a Village

Recruit a family with a dog or cat to a condo that went bankrupt because you know all the low-rises around ban animals or any dog over three pounds.

They made it into apartments and scrimped on some of the details, like using primer instead of paint, plastic and cheap tile instead of marble for the guest bath.

I have my ways, thick prime frames under the low sconces so my husband doesn’t get hurt as he is quite tall. I know he won’t hit my art, so will not hit the low sconce. Five years later, I told him that fact. Furniture or art under sconces.

There are many dog owners here, perhaps 50% and they recruited us and we pay a fortune for a view in this town.

Aye, there’s the rub. A few weeks ago they told us none of us were allowed to use the lobby with our dogs. There were many reasons floating around the resident rumor mill. They didn’t want to scare off new residents (they’re now 98% full) but the worst was they wanted to punish everyone for the actions of a few.

They don’t want to deal with the few bad people and their animals and would rather punish everyone for a situation they have created. I’ve been bitten badly once and that dog and his owner left. My dog was bitten twice two weeks ago in a matter of seconds. He didn’t draw blood. But the owner immediately contained him and said this had never happened before. That was a lie. Another dog owner told me he attacked his dog a few weeks ago. His dog is afraid of everyone but our Zoe.

We know the problem ones and don’t spend the time to write complaints or sign petitions. We just get it done.

Before that time we were told all dog owners were no longer allowed in the lobby, that we had to use movers’ doors and the Island of Misfit Appliances. I’ve arthritis and live alone with my dog every week. I fear for my safety unless the guard knows we’re out there and to call 911 if we’re not back in five minutes.

Again, we pay a fortune to live here and now we’re told we can only use the “poor doors” in case we offend potential neighbors. I wrote and told them I’m looking to both ADA (for my arthritis) violations, and a potential class action suit for violation of civil rights for treating us differently than a minority of other residents. Also that many of us would leave. Ah, things started to change a bit after that. I didn’t write civil and human rights and ADA laws for 34 million people for nothing, and I do have a brain. It took a culinary curveball when I quit the rat race and went to cooking school…..

I still continue to take my old dog out the front door, no matter what. Rumors say this week that one is only allowed to take a dog out the front door if it is matter of life and safety. It is, for Zoe and me. My husband flies out for the week, and Zoe had a seizure last week and has to go out every two hours because of the drugs she’s taking and I’m alone and looking at her nearly 24/7 watching her breathing.

Situations with people (loud parties, failing to take care of their animal) and pets and other issues should be dealt with as they arise and with a dog whether it be incessant barking, or more seriously, biting of people and fellow pets or eliminating in public areas. As my Zoe was viciously attacked for no reason, people who make decisions should force change or eliminate the bad apples and not punish the 98% of good folks who wish to walk through the lobby and not the “poor doors.”

Guess what? She is the oldest dog that has lived here for the longest time and is now the first to be on their new Instagram site called Bark Lafayette. Go figure. We’re going to keep walking through the lobby. We pay too much to share the poor door with movers and abandoned appliances. Enjoy your Friday! My husband arrives late tonight and instead of getting his favorite frozen pizza from the gas station up the street, I’m going to make my own from scratch, dough and et al. Plus a bit of homemade pesto. I need cheese. Cheers! Dee



One response to “It Takes a Village

  1. I took Zoe out for what we call “last chance” a few minutes before my husband arrived. He had eaten at an airport and only needed a honeycrisp apple so the spaghetti and meatballs were all prepped so he can have it for lunch tomorrow. Zoe was glad to see him. So am I. Dee

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