The Work

It’s about bringing your eye to the work, framing the work. I would use picture framing as an example. Choose a frame and matte(s) to draw one’s eye to the artwork.

If you’re a cop, package your solid, unimpeachable case in a box with a bow on top so that the bad guy/gal goes to jail. If an artist, be bold. Singer, be Barbra Streisand or opera.

Dad never got to see this work, one he bought for me at auction nearly thirty years ago, outside of its’ award-winning student’s “uniframe” that I used for many things for years when I had no money to do otherwise. It is a charcoal sketch of two dancers.

It is beautiful now, the undulating frame brings one to a dark brown matte, a fillet of tiny balls to accentuate the action and a tiny dark red matte that draws you to the dancers. I wanted him to see a picture of it but he died and I couldn’t pick it up until two days after his funeral. His works were framed well, both his art and what he did for people and organizations for the arts and education as his life’s work.

As to art, Dad took up painting at age 80. I have framed several of his works and am promised two more, plus his violin to rehabilitate and donate to the scholarship fund in his name at his alma mater. I would like to finish framing this work of a man I aspired to be like my entire life.

In college, one used tape to place posters on painted concrete walls. Interestingly, most of mine were lyrics from Bob Dylan, Dave Mason, Dan Fogelberg and other artists that I typed on my 1957 Smith-Corona typewriter. It was a gift from my Aunt for high school graduation and made me the most popular gal in the dorm, when papers were due. First electric portable in the world, the heaviest laptop one could ever have! I have it and move it everywhere we go even though last time I checked, it was worth $6 on e-Bay.

Now, I trust my eye for framing and must thank all my framers for that gift. I want to pull out the red and yellow and have a formal wood frame (that’s a Tuscan scene by my father that is a centerpiece in the master bedroom). I want to get this community project done to protect our safety and they won’t talk to each other. This feral cat has ringworm, get Dee! The children’s theater program is going down the toilet. Get Dee!

Unbeknownst to me I was always a framer of government issues, non-profit clients, photos and paintings, cooking, flower arranging, and shelter animals. We’ve one now. losing hearing and sight and at 14 she’s sleeping a lot. She is a framer, too. She’s kind of a mascot around here and everyone knows her on our walks. Her personality speaks for itself, whether it’s a young pup jumping on her or a big male dog flirting. She is always energetic and kind with people and animals. She even likes cats. Ciao, Dee


One response to “The Work

  1. I framed the volunteer programs, and created a multi-purpose special event for free that re-energized the youth theater program and the theater itself. Now the actors do not need to ask for a change in the script for a second peanut butter sandwich, because they were making $12 per week and were starving.

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