Thyme and Effort

It is really about time. There is never enough of it. My parents are gone now, so is one of my Aunts, my godmother. The dog is ancient and will let me know when she wants to go. I’m debilitated by arthritis that was misdiagnosed for over 20 years. I think that gymnastics, ballet (en pointe) and track sped my downfall.

When we were kids we’d meet up with my mother’s family a couple of times a year. Mom had a green card from the USA and her family was all Canadian. We kids were about a year apart. When we 12 (two adults each family) we also had Papa and my Aunts went out to lunch in another city with 15 people, that is a chore and expensive. It is a job I was tasked with years later at work, holiday party, baby shower, Dee can organize it! I found one place that was a beanery in the thirties, Depression, five cents a bowl.

When I went there I had a great corned beef and cabbage sandwich on rye with deli mustard. Delicious! I went a few times, met the owner and arranged to have staff birthday and retirement parties there. It was a great old dive and they would put out a couple of quart bottles of PBR (Pabst) on the table before we arrived. I’d call with the time and a newbie would laugh and say “we don’t take reservations.” Ask your boss, see the table for 12 set up in the back, it’s for Dee. She asked. “Yes, ma’am.” Thank you.

Never mind that work paid married men and family men thousands more and said “Dee doesn’t need it, she’s single!” Of course I was carrying three times the workload of each of these guys and was also supposed to bring in my mother’s glass punch bowl. Time gets away, but I did have an oasis back then. There was a 15-minute nature film at a walkable museum and I could spend lunch there and be back in 1/2 hour.

As kids, my father was out at the pool with Pop and my godfather, Uncle D with the boys and young girls. I was in a hotel room with our mothers and aunts planning “room picnics.” Dad said we spent way too much attention and time dedicated to food. We were supposed to be on vacation, but that was my vacation! I could only do so many back flips and swan dives off the diving board.

Tonight is a pork tenderloin marinated in beer and grainy mustard, with potatoes and a green salad with tomato and lemon vinaigrette. I think in honor of you, I may change the one amber beer I bought to a hard apple cider. I can save the beer for another meal. Cheers and happy cooking! With fresh thyme. Dee

ps My office mate and I would go to the toy store at lunch to buy stuff for his kiddos. When we were getting a cake for the staff summer picnic we once bought plastic ants and placed them on the cake….


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