There was one I never really got to know. She was of the opposing party and I actually had a Rolodex in those days. We had a lot of bills to dispense with at the end of Session. Hundreds.

I looked her up in my Rolodex and was about to pick up the phone to call her. I’d sent out an agenda for 200 or more bills to deal with at Committee and she would have had to have reports on all.

We were just trying to clean up before close of Session. She would had to have bill reports on all 200+ bills which would have kept her up for days. I was already up for days and paying for pizza at work.

She called and I told her I was just picking up the phone to call her and we were only going to pass the first seven, the rest went into the trash for the next year. She only had seven bill reports.

I don’t know that my supervisors, especially high ones, would have liked that I did that, but since most of them are in prison I don’t really care. Heck, I would have done it anyway. I know how tired we get working 14-20 hours a day at the end, for peanuts and buying all our own meals. Giving her a break was a good thing to do. It helped the meetings go swiftly and painlessly for both sides of the aisle. They knew the game. We both knew what we needed to do. That’s legislation for you, Dee

ps I’ve been registered as an independent for years! Now I get crosswalks made between governments and have raised my dog to be an ambassador to our community. She’s a cougar, flirting with a Husky and a Bernese! Shameless. D


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