As far as my book goes, an infant in the womb does not have the opportunity to select his/her parents, even siblings. They are just there, and need to be dealt with.

Same with kindergarten and grammar school. No choices there, it all depends on where one lives and what the parents decide.

As you get older you may have a choice of which college to attend, with whom to be friends there and who to go out with on a Saturday night for dinner and a movie.

Later, one selects a spouse and decides on having kids, where to work and live. A dear lady who works here is getting married this week! She has made her selection and was concerned about an age difference. I believe I dispelled her fears, saying that they are both mature adults, know that they selected each other, and that I’m over twice that amount of time older than my husband!

A sad selection went on as well this week, for a family member who is dying, about what tie to wear in his casket. His mother liked one of my husband’s, which would have been an honor to give, but the family on site went with one from his favorite sports team. I do not select to have him go. I always wonder what his theme will be every holiday, he is funny. On Easter Day, he got the phone and said “Happy April Fools!” I told him he could not do anything to me because I wasn’t there and he replied “there’s a possum in your house” so we kept that going for a day and he was happy and laughing.

Oh, we selected a dog as well. Adoption from a shelter, best dog in the world as I got to raise her from scratch. I did love my old dog, also from a shelter, but she was abused and needed a lot of work to be normal, as she became and was loved by kids and all, neighbors had a tree planted in her memory. She died shortly before I met my husband, and I had her for ten years and knew her for eleven. Our Zoe is now 14 and losing her eyesight and hearing.

I often have to pat her head to get her up to go out and eat her breakfast in the mornings. Don’t worry, she is good inside, and still a chow hound and scarfs up anything she can find! When it comes to our next selection, it will be when Zoe asks us to let her go. I don’t think it is the right time to select and train a new pup until our gal is gone. I choose to nurture and protect her until her choice is made. I’ll know. I’m her “mom.” Dee


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