Lakes and Mountains

Wouldn’t one wish to see both? A few years ago we chose lake. My screen saver shows both, wouldn’t that be a hoot.

“Our” mountains were so amazing. Growing up and having my first place to myself I learned the soothing sounds of the only two-way street that 18-wheelers were allowed to traverse. I heard the gears at the traffic light at first, then they muffled. It was only when family came to visit and mentioned it that I remembered my initiation.

In the mountains I was afraid of the mortars they used to prevent avalanches at five in the morning. Within a week it was like a lullaby. It’s going to be morning soon, must take the dog out.

One gets used to things, and doesn’t. There is not a moment I see the lake and the sun or moon shining on it that is not magnificent. Same for my mountains. Here there’s the Coast Guard, there ski resorts. We didn’t ski downhill. Tried XC once and I went 1/4 mile each way and probably didn’t walk the next day! Make the best of your day! Dee


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