Nether Lands

I never knew what that meant as a kid, just thought it an exotic destination if I ever stepped off USA soil. I have, but have spent the most time in Scotland, London, as little as possible in Northern France, lots in Italy and Greece.

USA is always with me, welcome Sweden, Netherlands and hello again UK. I’m going to wait to hear from Scotland. We were on George Square looking at City Hall and there were parades with increased police presence from girls, to boys, to women (mounted police), and the men had basically SWAT teams en route to a soccer game. It’s still Catholic vs. Protestant over there. No matter what Henry VIII said, I don’t understand why he tore apart his and other countries.

Two days after we arrived in Scotland the weather turned cold and I had to buy winter clothing for me and my husband and I found stamps there, plus cool postcards to send home, where I didn’t have to wait in line for an hour at the post office. I told a Japanese tourist, after he asked me where to buy stamps. Soon every Japanese tourist was asking me questions and I’d been there less than a week and knew nothing. Luckily I had a compatriot from the States and we plumbed all the nearby castles and their treasures and put the word out. All this without an early blog.

We were able to give advice on what to see and what not to see depending on the interests of any visitor. I am a magnet for people. Our dog is ten times the magnet as she gets petted and has treats (we donate) for a trick.

Back “home” I hear horns, squealing brakes, sirens and Harleys. I miss the sound of the bagpipes on the streets in Scotland. Wherever I live I learn to live with Moo, even trucks going through the gears in front of my window I miss the pipes. Dee


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