Just Not That Way

I give, rarely get. I don’t look forward to getting anything we owe to each other and our dog, love and forgiveness for eating a shoe while stressed at being flown halfway across the country in “crate class.” Yes, that was the dog, not my husband. She is too old to fly.

I’ve an “entitlement theory” where people think they are more important and/or raised better than the rest of us. They cut in line at the grocery store, even run on the side of the highway fleeing from a Cat 4 hurricane. Without speaking at all, we stayed in the right lane and one guy took his truck to the right along side the road and we kept pace with him and traffic, about 2 mph. We thwarted the people who thought they were more important than everyone. They had to get back in and wait for the police that were holding M-16’s to safeguard gas stations. We couldn’t get gas for miles after that.

Every hotel, motel was filled and every gas station was empty. Luckily we stayed with his parents. Even the no-tell motel had a parking lot filled with luxury cars. The motel soon re-painted with the money they made from that hurricane.

In work and in life, I never kick the person below me down the ladder. Neither does my husband, which is part of why I married him. We bring people up and allow them to be what they can be. Years ago my father met a truck driver for whom he had an intelligence test taken and he was a genius! Dad got him a scholarship to college. He ended up with a doctorate and successful career, and was a mentor to me.

The end lesson is that it doesn’t help to bring people down, but to bring them up. That is the role of a leader. Leaders don’t force people off roads in a hurricane. They help, Dee



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