Premises and Promises

Our family has lived in a high-rise overlooking a large lake for six years now. It snows here and the staff have people come in to clean the public rooms such as the lobby, and over-salt our sidewalks.

We were promised it was a pet-friendly building and mostly that is the case. We are not allowed to walk our dogs over the terrace to get to the other tower and must instead go through the garage or around in a blizzard or heavy rainstorm.

Though there has been no written confirmation as yet my husband was told yesterday that no dogs are allowed in the lobby. I’m thinking that conservatively, about 60% of residents have a dog. We can all leave with 1-2 months notice. We spend a lot of money for our space and our view, and rent for our pets.

Management complained about paw prints in the lobby and a few dogs who are ornery or bark too much so relegated us all to the back door and a gravel “dog area” where there is no gate. That is unacceptable to me. We don’t even go there.

Our dog Zoe is old. Yesterday she slipped walking into the hallway outside our bedroom and nearly did a split with her back hip-less legs but corrected herself. She has provided treats for the “dog cupboard” in the lobby for years, few others do so (thanks P). She entertains staff, kids, grandparents come visit us when their kiddos are in town and the kids play with her and make parfaits, and she gets along with other dogs, except one who bit me and I believe has moved away.

The reason for the dog ban is that they want the lobby to look nice when they bring potential residents around. I can tell you that I may see a few snowy, salty dog prints on the charcoal slate floors in the lobby at 6-7 a.m. when I take out Zoe, but many more shoe and boot prints. Next, are they going to ban residents from the lobby because of snow and over-salting of sidewalks?

The second fake reason is a real cop-out. We can’t tell who’s making the footprints or paw prints so we’re going to ban all dogs from the lobby. If one dog barks incessantly, or another bites a fellow resident and draws blood, are they going to ban all dogs from the towers? If so they’ll lose most of their money, and quickly.

Perhaps they want us all to leave because it’s an excuse to go condo again. It failed the first time, when the investors went bankrupt and ended up doing cheap fixes and shoddy work in the end. Now they’re stuck with low-end fixes and high-end prices. Let’s see, marble sink vs. plastic.

If a dog-owning resident allows his/her dog to bark beyond control or bite people or other dogs, deal with the problem. If it’s a problem with a dog-sitter who walks multiple dogs, talk with their service. Do not punish all for the acts of a few.

Zoe doesn’t have much time left. She’s still healthy but has cataracts and is hard of hearing. The best part of her day is walking through the lobby, saying hello to staff and meeting folks on our short walks. When she’s ill, maybe 2X/yr. I’ve been instructed to take her through the lobby. The night concierge knows I’m old and infirm as well, and tells me to go through the lobby so he/she knows I’m out at 2 a.m. In five minutes they’ll find me or call 911. Not from the back door. We pay for security and they are denying it.

Of late at least one car has been stolen and dumped, and the license plates stolen and kept. We spend good money to park in a safe garage underneath that isn’t safe anymore. I’ve a door stick inside our front door. A couple of years ago there was a female thief who broke in to a number of places here and was caught on camera smoking a cigarette and counting her money. The DA would not prosecute so she’s still around.

One would think that management would have more concerns than a few salty paw prints in the lobby. I often carry Zoe over the salt, put on her rain coat and sometimes, after wiping my feet, carry her over wet floors that have just been mopped. They should have someone on call to mop affected areas as needed, and keep their focus on transgressors, not everyone who lives here. Oh, Zoe will not be donating any more treats to the lobby until this issue is resolved, and I will make sure, with fellow residents, that it is resolved. Cheers! Dee


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