I had to figure it out. It was a gift from a former employee who was ramping up to a newer version. Control C. It was already wiped clean of everything so I had to figure out what to buy to make it work. You know by the title how old it was. It had about 30 mg and even with a new brain it was impressive for the time but essentially useless.

After I got it going and a laser printer I had a desk. Later I found out it was a gift from the CIA with which we have no knowledge whatsoever, a throw-away. Everything needed prompts, from C to printer.

No, I’m not on top, I have a MacBook Pro. My old MacBook lasted 8 years and is still hooked up here in case of failure.  Yes, my phone is a year old as well. My last iPhone 3  was ten years old and it first was was sent overseas. I hated my new phone and threatened to find whoever got the old one somewhere and give him/her the newest version and get mine back. Yes, there’s something called fair trade.

The computer is not getting me too badly with the new updates. The phone is. The apps on both are amazingly non-cognitive, like iPhoto. It is another month today, and I know my job which includes paying bills online and actually cooking a full chicken. The chicken is easy.

We’ve family to remember, and those to  care for every day, no matter how far we are from our dear ones.  Cheers from Dee


One response to ““286”

  1. This has been hacked, and some of these are not my words. You know by now that I do not write this way. I choose my words carefully and try to spell-check to assure a good reading experience but changing the context is reprehensible. I’m a retired grandma-aged woman and a good cook. If NSA and CIA are looking into and changing my blog just get in touch, I’m more concerned about my old dog and her ailments than you.

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