My Funny Valentine

You know we don’t “do” what we call “Hallmark holidays.” Years ago you had me inscribe our wedding date and my birthday inside your wedding ring of 15 years. You still forget both.

Thank you for going over the top this year for Valentine’s Day. The package arrived today and as you are off miles away for work I opened it early. Tons of paper. Toilet paper, Charmin to be exact. It was everything I hoped for, thank you, dearest love!

A card every birthday, thanksgiving with your family, and a renewal of vows (or cows) would be appropriate. Perhaps vows with cows? No meows though, you’re allergic.

After all these years let’s keep skipping “Hallmark holidays” as I’d take a Charmin delivery any day as a sign of your love.

To the absent-minded professor, my husband and love of my life, my funny Valentine, “you make me smile with my heart.” xoxo Dee

ps Perhaps some weekend we can get our wedding rings cleaned and polished. That would be fun. D


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