Who, me? Well after the 1860’s my father-in-law, a Texan, said I was the cause for the “war of Northern Aggression.”

If there is an upcoming course it’s three days (nothing on their site yet). I’d like to do this three day course if it works into family activities.

My husband and his brother, who is now my brother for 15 years last week, are Aggies. So is Cousin V the vet, who took out both of our dog’s hips as a pup due to severe hip dysplasia. Dog Zoe grew her own hips from cartilage and turned 14 years old yesterday. We brought some treats for fellow dogs. Thanks, Dr. Val! She wouldn’t be with us without you.

Whether I do or do not take this three-day intensive course I evinced an idea of taking a course that would help my husband demonstrably. It is about beef. His parents have a ranch and cattle and he’s a meat and potatoes guy. I’m a cook.

I can’t call myself an Aggie until I am one. My father-in-law will love that story. If they do offer another class I can attend I would love to do so. Cheers! Dee


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