Rolling With the Punches

One must do so. There may be sad or angry days at life as we know it, but muddling through is a “must do.” Top of the list, as my brother would tell me. I had “get passport” on the top of my list for three years and when I got it, it still has become a family joke for a long time. Get through trials of patience and will.

The legal counsel who will not be identified gave me the worst pick-up line in history (“You’re an attractive woman, I’m a man, we both have needs.”) He also let me do all his work for him while I made 1/10th his salary but did show me a museum so that if I needed fifteen minutes of peace at lunch time I could go there and see a nature film. He also said “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Hanlon’s Razor.

An old friend said to me “never eat maroon food.” I think he made that up! I do eat beets and red cabbage and have an occasional glass of red wine.

Losing important people, livelihood, friends and family is difficult. I saw a piece on Princess Diana the other night. Shortly after her death, her children encouraged people around the world to give to charity, via money or volunteerism. Everyone in the USA gave to their trust fund for their mother’s charities, not to their local animal shelter or food bank or library. That upset me as a consultant who helped build communities and non-profit organizations.

The other day I walked up to the butcher’s counter and said it’s our 15th anniversary. He replied “you must want meat.” Yes. I got two NY strip steaks that we split one day and he had the second yesterday. When I went back to pick up some veg, eggs and milk a butcher came out and called my name. He wished me a happy anniversary and thanked me for the Texas chili I brought in for a tasting. Building communities one step at a time.

The flower store knows me and the dog and calls us by name. Every child and dog owner in the neighborhood knows us. Kids ask to pet old Zoe. Of course! We help shy children emerge, into what, I do not know but hope it helps them center themselves, get rid of fear, and move on in life. The rule is they ask, I ask parent, parent says yes, OK. I don’t know what to do when our old dog Zoe is gone. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do it all over again.

Life has bumps, ups and downs and one must just go through them and remember what was learned in the process. It is a process of dealing with the loss of someone or something you were used to having every day. Build up. Remember what you had and make the best of it.

Both my parents are gone now and I try to remember good times as we had many. Skinny-dipping with my sister in the pool at night. Joyful moments sliding down a cliff and catching crayfish. No, my mother had never seen live seafood and wouldn’t deign to cook it. Oh, what she missed. There’s a rainbow out there, just wait for the sun to emerge. Cheers! Dee




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