There is no time to be gained, only to be used wisely.

Life is short. We make mistakes. Hopefully we correct those mistakes and do not repeat them in the future. I was 25, my brother was 17. He ordered a beer and I was asked for proof of age, now I would be ecstatic!

We were staying at a pension where they held our passports and hotel keys so we would pay the bill. I’d been given a beautiful Coach bag with a simple lock, just a twist, as a gift and we wanted to travel light so I brought it. We had two days in Paris and went to the Jeu de Pomme when the impressionist paintings were still in residence. I lifted my hand to choose a few postcards to send home and my wallet was gone.

With the wallet went all my travelers checks, credit cards, drivers license and registration. The rest of the two days was spent waiting at the Consulate and police department.

When I returned home I had to take an entire day off to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). I waited in line and they had my passport but denied a new license because I didn’t have two forms of identification (one would think a valid passport was enough.)

Dismissed, I looked at the car registration line and it was short. I went through it, got a replacement registration and used that as my second form of identification in the license line. Another day mis-used, waiting. Sneaky, I know, now I know to get a safe in your hotel and keep passport, drivers’ license and registration in it or preferably the latter two at home unless you plan to drive and apply in advance for a drivers’ license that allows driving overseas. No, not driving over the sea, that would not be recommended.

Now waiting takes on new meaning. One day I was waiting, probably 10th in line for a sandwich next door. This was NYC across from the Library (yes, the one with the lions).

A song was on the radio. The owner asked the name of the song. He told us that anyone in line who could name it would get a free sandwich tomorrow. It was the can-can dance. I searched my brain and called out Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach, with the composer’s name that was not required for the contest. Stunned silence. The next day the owner had looked it up and I was correct and got a free sandwich. Standing in line isn’t always a bad thing. Oh, and I don’t think the owner had another such contest. The answer was just pulled out of long-term musical memory, thanks Dad and teachers.

Head gates are how dairy famers get their stock to behave for milking. They want to be milked as relieved of their burdens and they also get treats. They stand in line. Yes, just like us. They also communicate and take on orphan calves. There is always a nanny in the herd. Best, Dee



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