We are hermetically sealed in here and haven’t opened a window in over five years. Why? Mosquitos. They hunt me as they, bees, no see ‘ums have since childhood. Now after putting weather stripping around our front door, I’m getting spider bites. We put out new sticky traps so that may do the trick.

Heat dries out everything, including our skin and nasal passages and eyes. For years we’ve had a classic Devillebiss 1957 vaporizer, the kind your parents told you never to touch. The element broke a while ago and given its age I don’t know if anyone can fix it.

If we can’t find anyone, I’ll plant basil in the beautiful glass jar in a month or two. When my sister and I were sick, usually at the same time, we had a glass vaporizer we could not touch for fear of death. Mom put a salve from Vick’s on our chests to clear our nasal passages and lungs.

Now Vick’s has an other-worldly plastic blob that we bought a few days ago and is changing our world. We’ve lived at sea level, 300 feet above, intermediate and then 6,500 above and it was dry enough air up there for my finger to touch a thermostat to change it, and fry it. The charge threw me back to the dishwasher, it was six degrees outside and luckily the “heatilator” aka gas fireplace was electrically charged but already on and we now had no power. That was fixed within the hour. Our first high-tech steam mechanism died, draining water into its electrical element and rendering it hazardous.

We settled for the 1957 which worked great for years. Now we’ve little air and enough room for spiders. There’s room for a “blob” that works to humidify the air around us. I’ve called everyone from bottom to top in government about the mosquito problem. We’ve locked our windows because there is a fetid swamp below that used to be a railroad track.

It is now a lovely hiking/biking/walking trail with a mosquito-infested swamp to the side. The mosquitos come to me. They bite me. Dogs and cats and kids seek and love me and don’t bite unless they’re teething. As for mosquitos I ran up the food chain from city up to the feds, CDC sent me a pamphlet on mosquito-borne diseases. EPA said that this four-inch deep swamp was governed by the Marine Mammal Protection Act!

I told the EPA I’d never seen a porpoise or blue whale in a 4″ deep mud hole of muck and mosquitos. They would never take action and we’ve not opened a window since. That’s why we humidify our air indoors. Cheers, Dee


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