Knitting and Plans

I grew up seeing my dear aunt knit during pre-dinner conversations or even watching us kids open our Christmas presents. Of late she has been a volunteer working on lap robes for the elderly and veterans, and hats and booties for preemies at the local hospital.

That she could knit and talk at the same time without ever looking down at her works was always a marvel to me. In college, I had no money to buy my family holiday gifts. I always helped my mother and Auntie L ready the yarn. That means sitting with hands up for an inordinate amount of time so one could knit.

Aunt L taught me how to knit and purl, 101. I never learned to transition to a thumb so couldn’t make mittens. I decided on golf club covers, a mitten without a thumb, for my father and brother. No club numbers but I knew then how to make pom poms for the tops. I needlepointed a pre-fab plastic mesh glasses case for my mother and gave sundry gifts to my siblings.

Knitting gave way to petit point. Tiny cotton thread needlepoint on patterned fabric. I made them for family. Vision has diminished since then. Amazon may be a source for microscopic glass (the kind used for surgery). It’s been many years since Auntie L taught me needlepoint and how to weave the thread in back.

The last needlepoint, petit point, I worked on was over 20 years ago and was recently found in a bag in a box. It is a complicated one of flowers and as I entered the center I questioned my judgment as to how many stitches per flower. Where do I start and stop? I gave up before it was finished.

Some folks think that failure makes one weak. It does not. It makes one strong. Look at, well Yoda is not the best example. Let’s just think of it as a teaching experience. If one makes the same mistake again and again, that’s a problem.

A knitter and I started our blogs the same week, years ago. We have become friends over the years but have never met. pdxknitterati lives thousands of miles away. We were both awarded sort of “up and comer” awards on this site. She introduced me to the songs of a Western singer. I listened and brought the singer/songwriter in for Nanny’s 82nd birthday.

If I brush up on technique, make sure I wear wrist braces for my arthritis and get proper light and vision and find my artist frame, I’ve the wherewithal to finish this flower for my Auntie L. Wisdom is the key that hopefully comes with age. If it’s messed up I did so but I was able to make that decision on my own and will not hesitate to do so as I did when young. First, the hole in the needle in which to place the thread must be visible to the eye. Cheers! Dee

ps I’m looking up knitting and needlepoint specialty stores with teachers. And guitar. D



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