Messing With a Seaway

My cousins worked ships on the Seaway during high school and college summers. One stayed in the business. Now, occasionally I see barges coming into our ports or headed for others.

It appears that there has been significant flooding and damage due to a storm. There is an international organization that regulates a dam. It’s going at 10,400 cubic feet per minute. We did a rafting run with guide at Cat 5 rapids at 3,000 CFM and did a five-hour ride in two. It was almost as exciting as my first run. when I was with my young brother and a rock kicked me out of the boat and my only thought was to propel my way downstream and find him. He was on the other side so stayed in and was OK.

Whenever I see a barge I think about my cousins when they were young. I’m sure they’re still adventurous and play sports but none of us are young anymore. My Auntie L gave me a tripod walker with brakes for the holidays. I’m practicing with it. It’s been too cold for the brake pads and tires, they freeze.

Here’s to the sixty year-olds, Cousin S. I love all y’all. Dee



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