I’ve a cool rubber stamp with four paw prints on it, and brown environmentally-friendly ink, that I sometimes add to notes and letters. Yes, I’ve a Nun Desk now with a drawer full of note paper and cards and the paw stamp and I do more than email and blog.

Imprints of your life are a different matter. You’ve a genetic history and a personal one. Nature and nurture. How can we all make a difference?

I vote. I’m an Independent in most states but not in mine. I get all these questionnaires asking me to answer a few questions then when I do, they say they need $3 to process my information. I delete everything.

No-one tells me how to vote or that I have to pay to give my opinion to a specific political party. I refuse to do so. Voting is an important part of being an adult that lives in the USA. Political parties are hiring pollers and pollers are trying to make their money off voters to find votes. I believe that is wrong.

We have a dog who can’t vote and a husband who will not do so because of potential jury duty and he is out of state much of the time. I was up for jury duty late last year but was injured and got a reprieve ’til Spring. They’ll never choose me. My husband usually says I’m emotional, but rational and thoughtful. I’m a leader, a professional, friend and volunteer.

At the beginning I was imprinted. Not with a political life but with a life of learning, chores, work, independence and freedom. Dad, may he rest in peace, told me I could be President or an astronaut or anything I wanted to be. In the end I became many things, including a good cook. I believe his most favorite dish I ever made was cassoulet. A la Simca Beck and others, my riff. I’ll have to spend a couple of days making it for my husband.

Recently I found a bag with a petit-point flower arrangement. That’s needlepoint with thin cotton thread that I used to do before I had arthritis and bad eyes! I was afraid to finish it as I got down to the details of the flowers. Fewer abilities, gaining insight from many mentors along with appreciation of life, and wisdom don’t make me want to finish this piece right now, there’s no time to do so. It does mean I’ve the wisdom to make decisions, am not afraid of that any more and then when it’s completed it will go to a special person. Imprint. I hope I give back to the Dee lifelong community at least as much as it has given to me. Dee


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