A Song and a Dog

Zoe Angelicus, a gift from God to us

Why do we love her, of course we love her and thank you for your trust

You chose her as our dog,,we must trust to you

The hipless wonder, we took it in stride

Splendido cane

Cucciolo dei nostri sogni, the pup people love the most

I sang this song at seven

Supposed to sing a song by Lennon

It was nixed by upstairs, they thought it was about pot

I was seven and a clue I had not

Panis Angelicus, you shaped my life and art

We had a day to practice, second in our State

First time in Chautauqua

Father was named president

His qualities were evident

He had a dream and saw it through

He helped ours come true, too

Panis angelicus, and may John Lennon allow Mother Mary to come to you, as she’s never been around here. I thought a pot was what I handed Mom to put over the stove. I was seven, and can’t believe we came 2nd in State with two afternoons of learning the real hymn. Dee

ps They’ve torn down the structure I’ve known for over 50 years. I never took a photo of it but know the exact seat where I stood and sang and will keep it in my mind as long as I have one.






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