It’s Beginning to Look

a lot like Christmas. The streets I see are mainly clear or mushy. We were supposed to have two hours of snow in the middle of the night but it is now morning and it is starting up again.

Let’s hope the snowfall is not too small or too wet to fail all the kids to bring their plastic sleds and glide down from Mom to Dad at the bottom of the big hill down to the soccer field.

Looking at white roofs and receding snow I remember what that meant to me as a kid. We moved further south and I remember Christmas day being 72 degrees. It was just not the same.

This morning I donned my electric coat, winter boots, lamb Cossack hat, a scarf and wool fingerless gloves (I was walking the dog and have to pick up). The wind has died down a bit, it’s not shrieking all night. It was quite pleasant for our two minutes out there, and my electric coat was on Rudolph strength, bright red and useful.

The wind changes every two minutes here, one never knows how an aviator will land the plane. I’d hate to be Air Traffic Control here! I bet those folks don’t need coffee, just adrenalin. Same with Coast Guard. They are both remarkable.

The tomato cage is out there without a tomato plant. My basil is going. We may actually have a real winter. Ice fishers have not been out here for two years and I love to give one random pair per year pastries, hot chocolate/coffee and a six-pack of local beer for the day. It’s a random fishing hole near where I can get to the ice. Last time they’d just caught a 22″ trout. After the gift, they wouldn’t let me leave because I was good luck.

After 15 minutes, they didn’t get another and I was getting colder. The two men lifted me up to the dock by my arms and made sure I got to my car OK. No, they saved the brew for later! I hope their families enjoyed the trout.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. Dee and The Most Famous Reindeer of All, Rudolph


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