Hello Philippines! I know a wonderful lady from Southern California who grew up there.

As to design, I never thought I was good at it. Neither did I think I was a good cook. I try to keep furniture in mainly neutral tones, except for a red paisley comforter cover given to my by my mother years ago.

I try to punch up the color on the bland walls, a bit. Theming. Walk in and there are reds, oranges and yellows. Dad painted a Tuscan landscape and a Maori-inspired piece from his travels. I also have a copy of the 18th century wood block print from Japan, the first full-color wood block in the world. I took care of this doc’s dog for a couple of weeks and this was my gift.

Down the hall are the greens. Each with a different green, all photos of Vermont, Concord grapes in western New York from a family visit, and my mother’s family.

The den/guest room is not finished as yet. When one walks in the front door there is a beautiful print of the Brooklyn Bridge, that I got framed for my husband. We have two wonderful quilts from his family, that are displayed proudly.

As one is a seasonal quilt I would like to replicate that in our den/guest room with four lithographs given to me by Dad years ago. It is art from Puglia, and arrange for their framing.

Our bedroom is supposed to be a Tuscan retreat. Chief painting is a large one from Dad of the Tuscan countryside. I’ve other plans, but they must be unveiled later.

I’ve an ally in getting quality photos and other art framed, K. For nearly 30 years I had a charcoal sketch of dancers that won a competition from an academy of fine arts. Of course Dad bought it for me in an awful uniframe. I had it framed shortly before he died last year and it was ready the day after his funeral, today.

K was gone the day I chose the framing. The owner made me do everything myself. In the end he asked me if I wanted a fillip. The only thing I fill up is my car’s gas tank every month. I said OK.

That night I awakened thinking I made awful decisions and wanted to take a photo of it for Dad. K answered and I told her what I’d done. She said she loved my decisions and couldn’t wait to work on it. Really? “And you did a fillip.” The dancers are in a pas de deux and I chose an undulating frame and mats and fillip with roundness to bring the eye to the artwork.

There’s more to do. This weekend I’ve a floral class, my second in a year. I’ve gotten good at small arrangements and this wonderful florist knows me and loves my dog and as one ages, learning a new thing every day or week is a good idea! You can’t find individual flowers at a grocery store. Here I can find thistles, alstroemeria, gerbera and other stems and with my pruning shears, make my own things. Cheers! Dee


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