Gonna Be OK

Two ornaments, same era. Snowman and a reindeer standing up, in an apron, carrying a tray of cookies. That was me, of course.

The wreath fell off our front door, causing damage. I placed it in the guest tub as it was loosing pine needles like crazy and we had bought it two days before Thanksgiving. My husband moved it to the hall and lost needles everywhere. I moved it to the balcony so I could clean up and remove ornaments and bag it to take out.

The snowman lost his head. So did the reindeer. I got glue to put them back together. Then the reindeer lost her right leg, so did my grandfather in the War, and I thought I might follow suit. Heads are on, ornaments on tree, now.

I chanced upon her leg today and my husband will put her back together this week. Just a one-inch white piece with a hoof. My cooking ornaments are sacred to me!

Speaking of sacred. I lost my Claddagh ring. I went to sleep with it on and awakened feeling my right ring finger naked without it. In the morning I’ll have to comb the place to find it. Hopefully I’m not losing too much weight for rings to slip off my fingers! I don’t worry that much about my wedding ring. I broke that finger at age 16, playing basketball in the driveway with my family, after dinner. The knuckle will keep that ring on.

A Claddagh is a ring with hands for friendship, holding a heart for love, topped by a crown for loyalty. Mine was also banded by a Celtic knot, for eternity and love. I’ll find it. Oh, if you get one, if you’re looking for a husband have the crown in and heart out. If you have one already, point the heart into yours to show that you’re taken. Oh, I hope we find it. Luckily our dog is old and not interested in eating sterling silver! Cheers, Dee


One response to “Gonna Be OK

  1. My husband found the Claddagh ring! It just fell off my finger and was right there. Yea!

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