Clock Ticking

Days are slow. No, it’s not my biological clock thank you Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomai for the information. That is no longer my concern.

As we age the clock ticks for everything, age, death, life through volunteerism, cooking, writing and caring for others.

We are awaiting something that takes longer than me re-writing the Uniform Code of Military Justice to prevent a kid from being sent to what now is Afghanistan. Yes, just for wanting to be with his father on the weekend. I got it done quickly.

I can’t be with my father or ever hear his voice or see his emails or see his sundry gifts again. He left a Sergeant in the US Army, I know his dog tag # by heart and my brother, his best friend, has one on his key chain.  It took a lot of my time to do all of these things. I wish to see my husband succeed in everything he wishes to do, and will help him do so.

Infamy, this is the day. May all those who have served our country be honored. Dee


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