Over a decade ago, I was asked by my husband to clean his wedding ring and have our anniversary date and my birthday etched inside. I remember these things, including the day of our first date, that the absent-minded professor does not so do not need anything etched into my wedding ring.

Last week I asked him what day it was. Monday. Yes, anything else? Oh, is it your birthday? Yes. He bought me roses a week later.

I’ve crafted legislation the lawyers thought was flawless, they loved when I drafted a bill because I came up with the solution at three in the morning, wrote it in longhand and delivered it early in the morning. All they could say is they read it and I did all their work. I helped a 12 year-old from being conscripted into the Guard and sent overseas to battle because he wanted to help his Dad re-enact Revolutionary War battles as a volunteer. Those were the thorny situations for which I awakened at night. It took a few weeks for that one, but saving a 12 year-old kid and bonding him with his father and his passions fueled mine.

Older equals more “set in your ways” mode, like walking the dog four times per day, and feeding her, of course, writing. Of late we are on a new pursuit, a company and new life. Incorporation, bank, now accountant and attorney. My eyes are not as good as they once were and I’ve been retired for a while but believe I am up to the task. I was a consultant but my husband kept moving me around the country and world so I couldn’t maintain a practice without being permanently separated from him. Now he leaves me five days a week and that is “normal.” I get the dog and our home and he stays in hotels and has even learned to pack for himself. Imagine that.

I’m reading all these organizational documents and pass-through papers and it’s nothing I’ve ever seen. I believe it would be wise to go through them quickly then decipher what they’re actually saying on a second pass. I know boilerplate when I see it. It’s the rest I need to worry about. Enjoy your day! Dee



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