Clouds, that is. I took out the dog early this morning in my electric jacket, scarf, and lamb cossack hat. Should have worn gloves as well. The comment was to myself that if the clouds got angry today it would not come down as rain, but snow.

An hour later, it is snowing. First of the season. I’m going to have to move shoes to the back closet and move boots up front. Nothing has stuck yet. It’s cold snow, not snowman snow, you know, the wet kind that allows snowballs to be made. The flakes are just dancing around right now, harbinger of the holidays to come.

it’s near the time I want to see White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen. First, I have to take a trip after Thanksgiving and hear a holiday song on the radio and shed a tear or two. That brings me to the holidays and then I can watch the film and plan a meal.

One holiday passed this week, my birthday. My husband had me place it in his wedding ring ten years ago along with our anniversary date. He forgot and when I asked what day it was, he said “Monday.” Let’s hope he does not forget our 15th wedding anniversary as well. A card would have been nice. His birthday is right before Christmas. We’ll see how that goes.

The City and County come to grips in our neighborhood and never seem to get along. I got them to agree to a crosswalk and it has finally been re-painted. No, no-one ever stops for old me and the ancient dog. Homeowners are required to keep everything free of snow, including the sidewalk they do not own outside their property line. City and County rarely plow, leaving residents at a disadvantage when it comes to silly things like driving to work.

In winter, the County takes down the US flag by the beach, the trees are bare so one cannot decipher wind or cold. Here are my tricks. Look at the Lake and the waves. Search out chimneys and the smoke coming from them. I know that it’s in teens or twenties, or thirties and above and can even predict snow accumulation. Am I a meteorologist? No. Just a gal who grew up in the northeast.

The sun will come out…. today. It has. Little, dancing snow. It’s darn cold out there. Remember the gloves. Two years gone, I hope there will be ice fishers this year. Dee


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  1. Look where the planes are coming in for landing. I’m serious! It changes every two minutes.

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