Why I’m Here

First, I love my husband of nearly 15 years and our lives together with our old dog Zoe. I joined him in creating a company this week and we just signed banking statements.

I am on all the paperwork for two reasons: help wherever and whenever I can; and be there to pick up the pieces and hire a friend to run it or sell the business if he is hit by an errant bus. I’m not “just the wife” anymore.

We met for a reason, the relationship has changed over 16 years together, as it would in any marriage. We fell in love, swiftly, and eloped after meeting all the folks and being together 16 months. My parents were divorced and I didn’t want Dad and his gal in a small room together with my mother. Now they’re both gone. My husband and I are best friends. We trust each other.

Years ago we talked about having kids. I said we’d get a dog first, to see how bad he was. He is horrible, spoils our girl Zoe rotten! It’s my fault we can’t have children. We have Zoe. It is wonderful to have a partner in life. I spent a lifetime before meeting my soul mate, and hope you have found yours. Cheers! Dee


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