Corporate Dee

Been there, done that, so am doing it again in retirement. My partner is an exceptional individual, I know because I married him nearly 15 years ago.

It’s a bit different than being a blogger, writer, and “dog lady.” We’ll see. It is always exciting, enervating and frustrating to deal with a start-up, no matter how simple. Government is incessantly demanding money and so are middle-men. Who knows when this certificate or that tax filing will be due?

Instead of calling me the dog lady, I should have been the Bylaws Queen. I can whip them into shape with the help of the Chairman and two Parliamentarians in four months, after hours. Then be grilled by a board member who graced us with her presence only at one meeting, only to tell me I’m not an attorney. As she was a newbie, I introduced her to my compatriots who were all at the table, went through the changes and the new bylaws were passed unanimously. I don’t know if she abstained or not, but she never returned and was cut from the board.

I don’t know how good I am at paperwork these days but I was always good on various boards at knowing when an idea was ripe and forming it into a motion that would pass. Of course I could only do that as a member, not as a consultant or staff.


I took a spill last week, feet from the grocery store where I went to get one thing, dishwashing detergent. Planted my face in the pavement. I just got off using a straw yesterday so no more chocolate milk and applesauce or milkshakes with banana.

There’s been little mobility as my knees are severely bruised with accumulated fluid, until yesterday when my husband set up a stand under my desk with a pillow atop to keep my legs level, so I could write this and do research. It is tough for me to get up to our bed (the dog likes my spot) but it looks like healing is in progression though it’ll take weeks or even months. Of course my husband bought me a folding cane, which I will not use.

It is time for a change of bandages. I’m on it. Cheers! Dee


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