Processed Cheese Slices

Yes, when Mom cared to make me a sandwich for lunch in grade school a slice was usually my sandwich, with bread. Perhaps there was bologna involved, which I took off.

I was never allowed to have individually wrapped slices because that was a waste of money. Now, decades later, every once in a while I’ve a childhood taste memory for a grilled cheese sandwich with individually wrapped slices of childhood cheese.

Last night we had great burgers on the grill and I said I was going to place a slice of horrible, individually wrapped cheese on top of mine with sliced tomato and baby greens. My husband hates the stuff but loves my childhood memories so asked for a slice of cheese as well. That’s why I love him. He always surprises me. Enjoy the day! Dee


One response to “Processed Cheese Slices

  1. I grew up eating Canadian Black Diamond extra sharp cheddar. When I met my husband he was eating individually wrapped string cheese where he dumped the wrappers on the rug from frig to dual computer he made himself in his very dark Man Cave. Now we have a great view and light and he opines about the virtues of a four-year or five-year cheddar. I created a food snob.

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