Sometimes bosses and others force us to make circles for no reason. They are not getting things done or else, wanting us to do nothing to change a situation. I do not like that kind of circle like a dog running around holding his tail.

I always use circles as a reason. I was forced to take archery as a kid and I was good, and rifeflry (really bad) as a kid when we moved south for a few years. A Southern woman needs to know how to shoot, think Katy Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind. Then think of a dart board with concentric circles and the target. I only tried that once and was horrible at it.

Circles are important in families. The inner circle is immediate and in-laws, and I’ve lost my parents so there is a void. The next is uncles and aunts, then their kids and grandkids, then friends…..

There was a work system I created for non-profits for development purposes for their organization that just started with circles. Suddenly they understood the concept. Perhaps my archery had a purpose. Cheers! Dee



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