Getting Things Done

That is what one does in a family, a marriage. He washed the dog the other day, methodical. My way is more of a massage.

She doesn’t like hair dryers so I let her air dry for 24 hours. I probably got enough coat for 1/4 sweater if I knew how to spin yarn, or even knit. She’ll need another comb-out today as she’s throwing all her undercoat to get ready for winter. I fluff her out in the park because I believe the squirrels and birds that stick around for a cold winter would love down comforters in their nests.

We got health insurance the other day, due to an ingenious idea from me. We’re having a pork tenderloin marinated in beer and grainy mustard, on the grill this evening.

It is not even seven a.m. but I have to take old Zoe out then feed her and lift her back up to the bed. Much to do. Meetings, clean-up, I’m on it. Cheers! Happy Monday, Dee



One response to “Getting Things Done

  1. I took a nap and made a lasagne instead. Great ingredients from our favorite Italian grocery! I’ll marinate the pork in the morning for tomorrow night. I am up much of the night. I must sleep like a Knight effigy from Temple Church in London and that hurts my neck and back. Getting old and furry from brushing the dog is better than the alternative.

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