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Sometimes bosses and others force us to make circles for no reason. They are not getting things done or else, wanting us to do nothing to change a situation. I do not like that kind of circle like a dog running around holding his tail.

I always use circles as a reason. I was forced to take archery as a kid and I was good, and rifeflry (really bad) as a kid when we moved south for a few years. A Southern woman needs to know how to shoot, think Katy Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind. Then think of a dart board with concentric circles and the target. I only tried that once and was horrible at it.

Circles are important in families. The inner circle is immediate and in-laws, and I’ve lost my parents so there is a void. The next is uncles and aunts, then their kids and grandkids, then friends…..

There was a work system I created for non-profits for development purposes for their organization that just started with circles. Suddenly they understood the concept. Perhaps my archery had a purpose. Cheers! Dee



Why Do We Do This?

We are adamant about picking up our dog’s poop and throwing it away in a sanitary manner in eco-safe bags. People look at us as if we’re crazy, especially if there’s a bit of snow. Why bother? Why? Spring is coming, the snow will melt and there will be tons of poop. We always carry extra bags for an errant dog owner. “Hi, would you like to use this?”

That is what my father did, my brother and I do, and my husband does. Clean up after messes with businesses and non-profit organizations. We pick up the junk everyone else doesn’t look after.

We come in when an organization, big or small, cannot handle day-to-day business anymore. We are the problem solvers, organizers, big thinkers and detail-oriented pro’s. Dad died recently and I didn’t have time to give him the “poop” analogy, but that’s what he did for over 60 years, God rest his soul.

Do clients thank us for this? No. Do they pay us? Sometimes. When an organization does not want change, the entrenched employees will just say no. If the higher-ups agree with them we’re gone and they lose. We go on.

Why do we do this? There is a problem and like a plumbing leak, we want to fix it. We want organizations to be healthy and not leaking like a sieve.

I am retired now but yesterday I contacted the city attorney’s office stating that a new crosswalk sign (no painted crosswalk) they put up last week is not attached correctly and will fly off and kill someone. They hung up on me after 30 seconds. I called the city and they gave me a transaction number which I gave to several interested parties for follow-up. I get things done. We are a neighborhood and all of us live here so why not work together. Teamwork, that’s how it goes.

With arthritis for 30 years I no longer walk about with 100 bags and pick up after every errant dog owner who will not pick dog poop up for him or herself. I can give a helpful suggestion and a bag. What they do with that information is up to them, I’m only a consultant. Cheers! Dee