Honor your family and friends, and neighbors. They will take you through things.

Learn how to take care of your loved ones the best way that you can.

Get a hobby and be good at it whether it be mechanics on a really cool ride or just singing a bit of Johnny Cash while playing beginner guitar.

I cook, that is my vice and passion. Do it with that in mind.

Write if you’d like to do so. It is good for the soul. A poem for a loved one, a story or even a blog. Say what you wish to say. If you don’t want to write for anyone keep a pen and pad by your bed and place a note and go back to sleep.

Read books. Start with the Iliad and the Odyssey and move up from there. Try Shakespeare. Start with Romeo and Juliet and move on to Hamlet. There is a list out there of the best 400 works so start with that. I have probably gone through 100.

When I make a pork-related omelet I always call it a “Hamlet.” Sorry William.

Education. Recently I spent money on a dual edition of a 1973 version of a 1971 version of the OED. It came with a magnifying glass that was original from Bausch and Lomb, in a separate drawer. It was a two-volume version. I gave it away to two smart boys and their mother thanked me because she doesn’t want them on the internet all the time.

Give. If you have time or money, just volunteer or give. We give now to a book mailbox in the park. I’m going through my books and giving a few at a time. It’s one of those European models where at a cheap hotel, students/grads give a book, take a book while traveling. I love it!

That is how I can best leave you, Dee




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