I never wrote this one. Must have become too tired. As a child I had to go through onesies, baby dolls, then nightgowns. I was too young to complain about the onesies…..

Longer nightgowns just twisted around as I got into my teens (no, I wasn’t allowed to date). It took me a long time to figure out a perfect solution.

For winter, a xxl tee-shirt, one of mine says save FIDO, Fiesta Island Dog Park in San Diego) where they worked for this off-leash dog area for ten years, gained it for a few and now they may be kicked out for condos. Another is from a really cool guitar shop and I took my guitar in that day when the shirts arrived and they were so cool I could get a “sleep shirt.”

I worked with FIDO peripherally for years as we all did so bought their tee when they asked me to help out from far away, it’s a great sleep shirt. If it’s hot out (doesn’t matter, we have A/C) I’ll put on a camisole or silk shirt but that’s usually it.

For bottoms I love very light weight silk underwear, full-length that lets my legs breathe and keep my feet out from under the covers! WinterSilks, great under jeans or ski pants. No I don’t get any compensation from this, it’ll just save you some time at department stores and online because research has been done by my husband, with a physics and engineering background who is a methodical and creative shopper.

And his wife who wears the silks. I got him a pair which I try to remember to take for him whenever he is traveling to a cold climate. I think even though he has never worn them, if he was in a frigid climate in business-wear, he could get away with it and make it to his presentation.

With all our winter gear outdoors I try to keep my core, head, feet warm and dry, and hands in the right set of gloves for whatever weather with we have to endure if we have no power and have to adjust to the weather. I try to do the same with sleepwear.

Assess the situation. Make a decision as to what makes you happy and comfortable. Cheers! Dee


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