Do not call your little sister dumb, stupid or idiot as you will be fined 1/10th of your allowance.

Do not forget your hat or gloves when you go to church.

Never tell the nun that you do not need weekly contribution envelopes for the next year because on Sundays you go to the other church up the street. My sister did that.

Don’t get into an elevator alone with a horny elected official. I mistakenly did that before sexual harassment laws were passed. It was verbal and nasty. I learned to stay away from these guys. Another safe elevator will come by.

Do not ever go out with government counsel, even your own, if he keeps trying to ask you to dinner. We finally went out to a restaurant that knew me and had a quick burger. He wanted to see where I hung out because friends were meeting there. They weren’t there.

He drove me home and asked to come in. No. No. No. No. Then he said the worst line of my life “You’re an attractive woman, I’m a man, we both have needs.” No way. I almost wet my pants on the way upstairs (he was locked out) and all my friends were there. They laughed like crazy.

Never get caught in the Speakers’ office the next day. I was asked in to #3 and told to shut the door. I thought I was in deep trouble for work, and I was always good at work. He asked me exactly what happened the night before and I told him. He laughed so hard he almost fell off his chair. His friends had been at our apartment having a beverage with my roommate when I got home early from dinner and he wanted to confirm the story.

Do not ever critique a family recipe, new or ancient. Trust me, it is not a good thing.

Never carry a feral cat in your arms when he/she is awakening from anesthesia after being neutered or spayed. Trust me on this. I helped spay/neuter 2,500 ferals. Yell for a breather to bring in crate 117 asap and do your best.

As to negative or dangerous people, have a really good dog. They will know who to trust before you can do so. If the dog says no, you say no to a date.

Not that I’m dating anymore. I’ve never been in a physically abusive relationship but would not tolerate it. After 20 years working with pets I find that abusers start on pets, move to their kids then their spouse. Never deal with bullies, learn clues to their behaviors and stay away. That’s a big no.

If you buy a dog from a breeder or adopt from a shelter, know what you’re getting into. I’ve had four successes (100%) over the past 30 years but a dog I’ve known for years bit me the other day. I finally filed a report. Luckily he appears to have had all his shots. I love dogs and cats and mine got along, dogs used to run away from home to visit my cats. Kittens would walk in my front door and snuggle with my dog for a year.

Don’t buy a trailer estate or home, loft, apartment in a flood plain in Florida or the midwest. We were in hurricane Ike, Cat 5 nine years ago. The mayor told us to stay put. No-one ever cared about it or raised money for it. We were on the Mayor’s power grid so were OK for power after a few hours, my husband and dog slept through it. I blogged it. 150 lofts, 149 damaged. All but ours. Out of water for two weeks. No gas, no food, no water. No management or maintenance for days. My husband sucked water through a hose to get it out of our garage and stop flooding the first floor. A neighbor cleaned out the storm drain so we wives could go visit every neighbor there and see if they were OK.

Never sneak a grill out on a stairway facing the fire department. We never got caught but did it a few times!

Please do not treat any person or animal badly. These times demand attention and action. If you are unaffected in a hurricane area please donate and volunteer locally. The usual suspects are advertising on TV for donations and most of it goes to overhead, not to you. Who I am is an honest fund raising consultant, retired. Try the Do’s! Dee



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