What Would They Say?

Mom has been gone nearly nine years. Dad died over the holidays. They separated on their 35th wedding anniversary then divorced. Mom was Catholic. Divorce was not allowed. I still got her a Catholic Priest for Last Rites at hospice. For more info on that search on this site Fr. McGuinness. It’s a great story.

They called us in for the separation announcement, brought us to a patio table and told us. My brother said “It’s about time!” It’s just like him, which is why I love him. He’s the one that as a kid when Mom asked him to set the table, he’d say “Wrongo, moose breath!” And she’d laugh and have us do it.

I would hope that now, meeting on another figurative plane, they would ask about the kids, and perhaps mend some fences. Both of them made errors, as my husband and I do in our marriage. Everyone makes mistakes in life. It’s a given.

One of these days I’ll meet my brother and we’ll go to Dad’s grave where the stone was recently placed. We had a family, home cooked meals and family dinner, required every night

and there were no cell phones or laptops in those days. “How was your day, dear?” It’s 6:30 Sunday morning and I must take the dog out. Cheers! Dee


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