He Knows

My husband has been home writing a book for the summer (and driving me nuts) so it won’t be anything you can get at your local bookstore. It’s a software training book. I’m waiting to read it to edit fresh, and may ask later that you place it on your bedside table instead of warm milk, to sleep.

I’m glass half-full, he’s more analytical and skeptical so he’s half empty. In certain times it is the reverse. He knows things will work out and I worry. Reversal of roles. In certain times I make him steak with chimichurri, or Mom’s orange chicken (my version) when I would make for myself grilled cheese or a toasted peanut butter sandwich and eat it over the sink.

Luckily our old dog Zoe doesn’t remember her first four weeks of life with fleas and worms. We’ve had her over 13 years and she knows the present, a bit of the past but no future.

I know past, present and future because I think about and dream about things and look forward to a log cabin on a lake with a view of mountains. Sometimes I know things my husband does not. As a woman I’m more intuitive although I’ve taught him a lot over the years! I just can’t tell him my conclusion or how I came to it. No, his mother will read this and he’ll know it in an hour! Cheers, Dee


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